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Your home has personality, now give it a voice!

  • 100% customizable doorbell
  • Plays MP3 or WAV files
  • 4 Inch speaker for quality sound
  • Download music using your computer's USB port
  • Create doorbell sounds from movies, cartoons, TV shows, commercials etc. found on the internet
  • Record your own creations using a microphone, your computer's sound card and the supplied software.
  • Rip, edit and convert music from your CD collection using the supplied software
  • We stock unfinished hand crafted poplar wood boxes. All other wood species are special order requiring 1 - 2 weeks before shipping.

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Sample Doorbell Sound Clips
Christmas Halloween Fight Songs Movies Cartoons Sounds

Carol of the Bells


Ohio State

Blazing Saddles

Daffy Duck


Hark the Herald

Cave of NoReturn


Addams Family

Mighty Mouse

Door Pounding

Sleigh Ride

Witch Laughing


Blazing Saddles


News Introduction

Jingle Bells

Hello Children


Star Trek

South Park

Movie Introduction

Joy to the World

Evil Laugh





Holly Jolly Christmas


Notre Dame

Wizard of Oz



Visit The Daily .Wav. One of the largest selections of sound clips on the internet.

The YourBell is an exciting renovation in doorbells. It is a programmable doorbell that plays MP3 and WAV files. A truly customizable doorbell. The doorbell sounds can be changed in minutes. The doorbell can play seasonal music, school fight songs, sound bites from movies, commercials or cartoons. Browse the internet and download the desired sounds. You can record your own sounds using a microphone, a computer sound card and the included software. Rip and edit music from your favorite CD using the included software. There are many MP3 and WAV file examples located on the Consumer Electronics Support page. It takes less than 2 minutes to load up to 30 sound bites on the doorbell.

The main program is used for gathering and loading the MP3 and WAV files onto the YourBell. Once a group of doorbell sounds are assembled that grouping can be saved as a profile. A profile allows the user to give a set of sound bites a name for easy retrieval. This way if you have 4 different seasonal profiles then when a particular season arrives all you need to do is plug the doorbell into a USB port, start the software, select the profile from a pull down list and program the doorbell sounds. No need to find and assemble the MP3 and WAV files again. Currently the software will only run on the Windows operating system.

The YourBell is 7 1/2 inches tall by 5 1/2 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches deep. The doorbell comes equipped with a large 4 inch full range speaker for quality sound. During normal operation the doorbell operates off a typical doorbell transformer. Depending on compression ratios the large memory area can hold around 4 minutes of sound or up to 30 sound bites. When more than one song resides on the door chime it will cycle through the songs once for each button press. Mounting the doorbell is as simple as mounting a picture on a wall. Connecting the wires to the doorbell requires a small screw driver. The wires are fastened to a pluggable screw terminal header. Once the wires are screwed in to their respective terminal then the header is plugged in to the YourBell. Loading new MP3 and WAV files into the doorbell requires unplugging the header, plugging the unit into an active USB port on a computer and running the supplied program. The doorbell gets the necessary power from the USB port.

The YourBell requires a doorbell transformer (or step down transformer) and at least one door button to operate. These items must be purchased separately. The transformer takes normal house voltage (120 VAC) and reduces it to around 10-16 VAC. If your home does not have a doorbell transformer then one can be purchased at any home improvement center or hardware store. We recommend having a qualified electrician perform the installation. A simpler and less expensive solution is to buy a wall transformer . A wall transformer plugs in to a normal AC outlet. The other end typically has a connector on it. The connector can be removed and both ends of the wire stripped. Once the wires are stripped they can be connected to the pluggable screw terminal header. Another consideration will be the close proximity of an AC outlet. Whether a doorbell transformer or a wall transformer is used, the YourBell requires both leads of the transformer to operate. When replacing an existing door chime you will need to check if both leads of the transformer are available. Some older solenoid driven doorbells required only 2 wires for operation. See Schematic for full explanation. Because of this the second transformer output wire may not be present. In some cases the home builder connected the second transformer output wire to an unused terminal on the doorbell. In other cases they would leave the wire in the wall near the doorbell. If this is the case then the wire can be exposed with a little tugging. If neither of these cases is true then the second transformer output wire will need to be run to the YourBell. See the manual located on the Consumer Electronics Support page for easy to follow wiring diagrams.

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The YourBell comes with an installation CDROM, USB2.0 cable, 6 connector pluggable screw terminal and a quick start guide. The CDROM Contains :

  • Manual
  • YourBell software for collecting MP3 and WAV files and loading sound bites into the doorbell
  • Audacity software for editing music to length, recording sounds from a computer's sound card and converting the audio to MP3 format.
  • CDex software for ripping music from a CD

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